So I had a plan that I would at least update this blog at least 1-2 times a week. That clearly hasn’t happened. I’m currently working on a few projects.

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[FO] Baby Boot Scootin’ Boots

So I’ve never really done baby shoes. I have family that live in TX and one of them has a small baby. I wanted to learn to make the boots and cowboy hat for her daughter. So a friend of mine bought a set in Broncos colors. For some reason my gauge is way off from the designers so I had to change my hook size


So I did the sole with the recommended hook. I was super proud of this sole. It was the best sole I have literally ever made. I’ve tried making shoes tons of times and I’ve always given up. I couldn’t give up since someone PAID me to make these.


It was when I was working up this part of the shoe that I realized I needed to up my hook size. I redid this part about 5 times. I’m sure with practice I will get it down but this time I didn’t have time for practice. I needed to get it right.


I still wasn’t entirely happy but I got a lot of compliments. I also realized that not everything is going to be exactly perfect. It’s homemade and it’s going to have some imperfections. So I finished it up and added a star. And now I’m happy with it. Onwards to finish the other one!


SersiArt now found on the web!

I originally just started out thinking I was going to put up an Etsy shop and call it good. Well running an Etsy site isn’t always all that easy, especially with all the other crochet shops out there. I have since created a Twitter account, Instagram and a Facebook page. I am not really sure what I am going to do here. I’m not the best blogger out there but I’m sure in time I can learn. If you have an tips for me please feel free to leave a comment.

I started crocheting in December while working overnight shifts doing senior home healthcare. I needed something to do to kill the time when my client was asleep rather than just watch TV or play facebook games.  I bought some cheap yarn and some hooks and sat down with some YouTube tutorials. My first few tries were frustrating. I wanted to give up. But I made myself push on. I made a bunch of different hats. I developed a serious obsession for yarn and decided I wanted to use this new-found hobby as a way to help pay for my sons extra-curricular activities. I also donate items to the local NICU and to NILMDTS in Denver, CO. I plan to expand into dying and selling yarn by (hopefully) next spring.

Currently all my items can be purchased by sending me a message on facebook and discussing the particulars there. I hope to have a shop up on this page in the very near future. If there is something you want done but cannot find an example on my facebook then feel free to message me and ask. I can make (or am willing to try and make) anything you can dream up!

I can be reached via e-mail as well at sersiartt@gmail.com.