So I had a plan that I would at least update this blog at least 1-2 times a week. That clearly hasn’t happened. I’m currently working on a few projects.

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[FO] Baby Boot Scootin’ Boots

So I’ve never really done baby shoes. I have family that live in TX and one of them has a small baby. I wanted to learn to make the boots and cowboy hat for her daughter. So a friend of mine bought a set in Broncos colors. For some reason my gauge is way off from the designers so I had to change my hook size


So I did the sole with the recommended hook. I was super proud of this sole. It was the best sole I have literally ever made. I’ve tried making shoes tons of times and I’ve always given up. I couldn’t give up since someone PAID me to make these.


It was when I was working up this part of the shoe that I realized I needed to up my hook size. I redid this part about 5 times. I’m sure with practice I will get it down but this time I didn’t have time for practice. I needed to get it right.


I still wasn’t entirely happy but I got a lot of compliments. I also realized that not everything is going to be exactly perfect. It’s homemade and it’s going to have some imperfections. So I finished it up and added a star. And now I’m happy with it. Onwards to finish the other one!