Where to start….

A lot has happened since I last posted. The biggest change was that I moved from PA to CT. My son and I have been here for about 7mths. We live close to the beach. We’re still in a rural area. I’ve never been a fan of cities. But it’s not home. It’s just a temporary place until things get sorted and I find out where we will end up.  
I had surgery back in November on my SI joint. It’s been the roughest surgery to recover from. A lot of time off of work. I would probably be getting more done if the child was in daycare for 5 days vs the 3 he’s in now. But I can’t afford the extra days atm. 

I finally taught myself to knit. The first thing I made was the Catacomb hat by Alex Tinsley. I am in love with pretty much every pattern she has. I feel like I will be making a lot of her items. I have also started making stitch markers again. I will be selling my sets for large needles at a local yarn store called Madison Wool in Madison, CT. The rest will be listed on Etsy and then eventually this site when I get the shop setup. 

I have 5 comissions pending right now. 3 being knit. It will be good practice. A baby blanket, preemie hat, octopus, a baby bunting and a cowl. It’s nice to have gotten back to selling things. Once I get through these I will begin working on items for a fall craft show. Now just to sell off all my acrylic yarn and start replacing it with a acrylic wool blend and superwash wool. 


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