Craft Shows

So I have wanted to enter a craft show for quite some time. I think I am finally ready to enter one. I am now trying to decide if I want to do one this coming holiday or wait and do one next Spring. If I wait until next Spring I would be able to go to a few of the holiday ones just to see what others sell and the quality. So I have been doing some research on craft shows, displays, pricing, branding and all sorts of other stuff so I figured I would make a post here compiling some of the things I have found thus far.


10 Tips from Craftsy  – This post gives a generic list of things to consider when you decide to enter a craft fair. General information on where and what to sell, packaging, photographing, and checking your local laws.

Chrissie Freeth’s Blog – This is a good post on how to setup your booth. I will later add a post discussing different places for booth items and ways to DIY. This is a good place for advice when you start designing your booth.

The Craft Booth – Great website for tips and inspiration for creating one of a kind booths. Free printable tags, ways to save money when creating your display, and unique ways to display your items.

The Lavendar Chair – This post gives you lots of pattern ideas that you can use to make items to sell. It’s a top 10 list and each item comes with 10 free patterns.

Thrifty Little Mom – Another good post full on information for the first time seller.

One Dog Woof – A few tips that one crafter learned when doing craft shows. Some good things to keep in mind.


All in all I think I still have a lot of research to do. I have to make decisions on what type of items I’ll be making and whether or not I’ll be entering this winter or waiting until next summer. I have tried asking on some local pages about what things people might be interested in to try and get some feedback but have yet to get any answers. If you’re reading this and you have anything to add as a consumer or as a fellow crafter, please do. I hope to do my best to get the hang of this blogging thing and am going to try to post more often.






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