Gone Too Long

I have been gone for so long I almost totally forgot I had this. I have been dealing with a lot of issues pertaining to my chronic pain and SI Joint Dysfunction lately that it was hard to focus on anything else. I really want to get into a craft show by Christmas and I’m trying to get a list of things together that I need to make to have inventory. If anyone has done craft shows the are close to Christmas and have any tips on inventoryease feel free to help a girl out. I’ll be doing both amigurumi and wearables.

I had to redo my facebook page after I incorrectly changed my facebook url not realizing you can only change it once. That meant the 200+ “Likes” I had have now gone down the drain. I’m back to around 80 on the new page. Facebook also isn’t allowing me to merge the pages even though the names are almost the same. They have zero tech support ao I’m left with having to delete the page.

I’m trying to decide on online shop options. I’m not a fan of Etsy’s cost to sell. Not to mention there are hundreds of other shops that carry the exact same stuff. Trying to get a sale on there is not easy. There are tons of well-established shops there already. I am sure I’ll probably have to pay for some sort of advertising if I choose a shop somewhere else but that’s OK with me.

I’ve changed my shop name and aorking on rebranding. I have a graphic designer working on a logo, new business cards, graphics for my various social media accounts and also for my eventual webpage. I’m also thinning out my acrylic yarns so I can restock with merino/wool blends, cottons and some higher end yarns for shawls. When my mom comes to visit in June I’ll be recruiting her to help me organize my stuff andmy tools so I can really start creating instead of being so overwhelmed.

I’ll be scheduling hand surgery soon (and back surgery will follow that) but I can’t wait to get back into things. I need to push myself to making at least a few posts a week if only to share/pass along patterns I like.






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