Support group, anyone?

I have a huge cedar chest full to the top, an entire shelf on my bookshelf that is equal to 2 shelves full to the top, a small area in front of it about 2ft high, a tote on top of that AND my project bag that I take with me everywhere. I think we should start a support group. I’m not ashamed though. When my SO told me I had too much yarn I looked at him, without flinching, and said, “You can never have too much yarn.” And I placed two order for yarn that week.

Now I will say that most of my yarn is of the cheaper variety. I don’t buy a lot of high quality yarn. I wish I could but I just don’t have the money for it. The only time I really get the good stuff is through my yarnbox subscription. I also get a lot of stuff from donations, free sites and thrift stores. When I want to make a nicer item I will purchase nice stuff. I now regularly order most of my worsted weight from KnitPicks. I have a plan for some Lion Brand Landscapes but I prefer to get the “decent” stuff that isn’t going to hurt my wallet too much.

Still….I’m pretty sure I have a yarn addiction. At least I’m not an alcoholic or a drug addict right?

Crochet Magpie

I stumbled across this blog post recently, on the hilarious Laptop on the Ironing Board blog. Here, Kate very bravely shares her yarn problem.

I thought “ooh, doesn’t it look lovely all laid out like that. Maybe I should do the same… It’d be nice to see what I have, and I’ve been stash-busting for a while so it won’t be that bad”

So I did. Oh, readers, why did I do it?? I feel like a terrible human. I don’t know if I should share with you, but we are all friends, right? Ok.


Now, having emptied the suitcase onto the floor (suitcase… How could I have thought that was a sensible amount of yarn!) I was feeling very ashamed, but thought that while I was facing up to my issues, I should open thedrawer. This is where projects go “to be finished later”…

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