Where to start….

A lot has happened since I last posted. The biggest change was that I moved from PA to CT. My son and I have been here for about 7mths. We live close to the beach. We’re still in a rural area. I’ve never been a fan of cities. But it’s not home. It’s just a temporary place until things get sorted and I find out where we will end up.  
I had surgery back in November on my SI joint. It’s been the roughest surgery to recover from. A lot of time off of work. I would probably be getting more done if the child was in daycare for 5 days vs the 3 he’s in now. But I can’t afford the extra days atm. 

I finally taught myself to knit. The first thing I made was the Catacomb hat by Alex Tinsley. I am in love with pretty much every pattern she has. I feel like I will be making a lot of her items. I have also started making stitch markers again. I will be selling my sets for large needles at a local yarn store called Madison Wool in Madison, CT. The rest will be listed on Etsy and then eventually this site when I get the shop setup. 

I have 5 comissions pending right now. 3 being knit. It will be good practice. A baby blanket, preemie hat, octopus, a baby bunting and a cowl. It’s nice to have gotten back to selling things. Once I get through these I will begin working on items for a fall craft show. Now just to sell off all my acrylic yarn and start replacing it with a acrylic wool blend and superwash wool. 


Craft Shows

So I have wanted to enter a craft show for quite some time. I think I am finally ready to enter one. I am now trying to decide if I want to do one this coming holiday or wait and do one next Spring. If I wait until next Spring I would be able to go to a few of the holiday ones just to see what others sell and the quality. So I have been doing some research on craft shows, displays, pricing, branding and all sorts of other stuff so I figured I would make a post here compiling some of the things I have found thus far.


10 Tips from Craftsy  – This post gives a generic list of things to consider when you decide to enter a craft fair. General information on where and what to sell, packaging, photographing, and checking your local laws.

Chrissie Freeth’s Blog – This is a good post on how to setup your booth. I will later add a post discussing different places for booth items and ways to DIY. This is a good place for advice when you start designing your booth.

The Craft Booth – Great website for tips and inspiration for creating one of a kind booths. Free printable tags, ways to save money when creating your display, and unique ways to display your items.

The Lavendar Chair – This post gives you lots of pattern ideas that you can use to make items to sell. It’s a top 10 list and each item comes with 10 free patterns.

Thrifty Little Mom – Another good post full on information for the first time seller.

One Dog Woof – A few tips that one crafter learned when doing craft shows. Some good things to keep in mind.


All in all I think I still have a lot of research to do. I have to make decisions on what type of items I’ll be making and whether or not I’ll be entering this winter or waiting until next summer. I have tried asking on some local pages about what things people might be interested in to try and get some feedback but have yet to get any answers. If you’re reading this and you have anything to add as a consumer or as a fellow crafter, please do. I hope to do my best to get the hang of this blogging thing and am going to try to post more often.





Easter Beach Trip

We are making an impromptu trip to the beach/boardwalk so I’m pattern testing on the way there.


It’s a men’s hat by Illuminate Crochet. I do a lot of testing for her and she always has nice looking items.

I will post some pictures at the end of the day. Hope everyone is enjoying time with their families today!

Gone Too Long

I have been gone for so long I almost totally forgot I had this. I have been dealing with a lot of issues pertaining to my chronic pain and SI Joint Dysfunction lately that it was hard to focus on anything else. I really want to get into a craft show by Christmas and I’m trying to get a list of things together that I need to make to have inventory. If anyone has done craft shows the are close to Christmas and have any tips on inventoryease feel free to help a girl out. I’ll be doing both amigurumi and wearables.

I had to redo my facebook page after I incorrectly changed my facebook url not realizing you can only change it once. That meant the 200+ “Likes” I had have now gone down the drain. I’m back to around 80 on the new page. Facebook also isn’t allowing me to merge the pages even though the names are almost the same. They have zero tech support ao I’m left with having to delete the page.

I’m trying to decide on online shop options. I’m not a fan of Etsy’s cost to sell. Not to mention there are hundreds of other shops that carry the exact same stuff. Trying to get a sale on there is not easy. There are tons of well-established shops there already. I am sure I’ll probably have to pay for some sort of advertising if I choose a shop somewhere else but that’s OK with me.

I’ve changed my shop name and aorking on rebranding. I have a graphic designer working on a logo, new business cards, graphics for my various social media accounts and also for my eventual webpage. I’m also thinning out my acrylic yarns so I can restock with merino/wool blends, cottons and some higher end yarns for shawls. When my mom comes to visit in June I’ll be recruiting her to help me organize my stuff andmy tools so I can really start creating instead of being so overwhelmed.

I’ll be scheduling hand surgery soon (and back surgery will follow that) but I can’t wait to get back into things. I need to push myself to making at least a few posts a week if only to share/pass along patterns I like.





Farewell Wink

Crochet has been my therapy. Wink was such a creative and talented lady. I will be making a few of her throw blanket patterns and Mandalas in her honor. I will be selling the mandalas on my facebook and donating the money to the American Foundation for Suicide prevention. I hope you are free now Wink. RIP.

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Support group, anyone?

I have a huge cedar chest full to the top, an entire shelf on my bookshelf that is equal to 2 shelves full to the top, a small area in front of it about 2ft high, a tote on top of that AND my project bag that I take with me everywhere. I think we should start a support group. I’m not ashamed though. When my SO told me I had too much yarn I looked at him, without flinching, and said, “You can never have too much yarn.” And I placed two order for yarn that week.

Now I will say that most of my yarn is of the cheaper variety. I don’t buy a lot of high quality yarn. I wish I could but I just don’t have the money for it. The only time I really get the good stuff is through my yarnbox subscription. I also get a lot of stuff from donations, free sites and thrift stores. When I want to make a nicer item I will purchase nice stuff. I now regularly order most of my worsted weight from KnitPicks. I have a plan for some Lion Brand Landscapes but I prefer to get the “decent” stuff that isn’t going to hurt my wallet too much.

Still….I’m pretty sure I have a yarn addiction. At least I’m not an alcoholic or a drug addict right?

Crochet Magpie

I stumbled across this blog post recently, on the hilarious Laptop on the Ironing Board blog. Here, Kate very bravely shares her yarn problem.

I thought “ooh, doesn’t it look lovely all laid out like that. Maybe I should do the same… It’d be nice to see what I have, and I’ve been stash-busting for a while so it won’t be that bad”

So I did. Oh, readers, why did I do it?? I feel like a terrible human. I don’t know if I should share with you, but we are all friends, right? Ok.


Now, having emptied the suitcase onto the floor (suitcase… How could I have thought that was a sensible amount of yarn!) I was feeling very ashamed, but thought that while I was facing up to my issues, I should open thedrawer. This is where projects go “to be finished later”…

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Cowboy Boots Revisited!

I think I am going to try this pattern next. I do like the other boots pattern but I like that this one has a heel to it.

HodgePodge Crochet

https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com Cowboy Boots: FREE PDF Crochet Pattern Meet the Revamped Cowboy Boot!! Originally blogged about in February, 2012, this cutie bootie has gone through a thorough revision to fix missing round counts, incorrect wording, and to make it more crocheter friendly!

It is an INTERMEDIATE pattern–this one isn’t for new crocheters!! You must have some prior knowledge on basic baby bootie construction as well as a firm grasp on how to work the reverse single crochet.

For those brave enough to tackle them, they are perfect gift for a baby shower (or even your own bundle!) What you will find within the pattern: Included with your FREE PDF file is a complete and thoroughly tested pattern for the Cowboy Boot.

https://hodgepodgecrochet.wordpress.com Cowboy Boots: Free Pattern

You can find your FREE COPY over in my Craftsy or Ravelry shops. Enjoy! And don’t forget to share your pics, drop a comment below, or mosey on over to the sidebar to hit that Follow HodgePodge button…

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[FO] Baby Boot Scootin’ Boots

So I’ve never really done baby shoes. I have family that live in TX and one of them has a small baby. I wanted to learn to make the boots and cowboy hat for her daughter. So a friend of mine bought a set in Broncos colors. For some reason my gauge is way off from the designers so I had to change my hook size


So I did the sole with the recommended hook. I was super proud of this sole. It was the best sole I have literally ever made. I’ve tried making shoes tons of times and I’ve always given up. I couldn’t give up since someone PAID me to make these.


It was when I was working up this part of the shoe that I realized I needed to up my hook size. I redid this part about 5 times. I’m sure with practice I will get it down but this time I didn’t have time for practice. I needed to get it right.


I still wasn’t entirely happy but I got a lot of compliments. I also realized that not everything is going to be exactly perfect. It’s homemade and it’s going to have some imperfections. So I finished it up and added a star. And now I’m happy with it. Onwards to finish the other one!